This is a blockchain platform from the creators of Telegram messenger. TON is protected by a built-in proxy and uses the principle of P2P overlay network. It has a built-in Telegram messenger, tools of payments using Gram cryptocurrency, data storage tools and an operating system for decentralized apps.

What’s for beginning?

You should start your acquaintance with TON and Gram cryptocurrency by registering on Binance cryptocurrency exchange. Follow this link for a quick registration and then continue reading this page. This will make it easier and more convenient for you to understand the text below.

Telegram TON Blockchain

Since the beginning, in his Whitepaper, Nikolai Durov has put in front of him and Telegram Open Network team a difficult problem of the most ideal blockchain’s realization in the world. TON has to solve various weak points of modern crypto projects at the same time:

1. Transaction’s speed. TON Telegram achieved transaction’s speed on network, which is equal to some seconds. It means to bring them to a level comparable to the speed of the Visa and Mastercard payment systems, in order to compete with them in the global market of money transactions and payments. For comparing, Bitcoin transaction’s speed (the most popular cryptocurrency in the world) can endure more than one day.

2. Protection from frauds. Since the TON can potentially outcast Bitcoin from its pedestal as main cryptocurrency in the world, it was necessary to think about the versions of protection from different fraudsters, who will try to use the weaknesses of decentralized systems into their benefit. Telegram team needed to reduce the probability of «51 percent attack» and also do it with potentially possible forks (splitting of blockchain into independent cryptocurrency).

3. Legislative limitations. It was necessary to provide the possible legal and legislative limitations, which can be applied by governments of various countries on Telegram’s cryptocurrency.

SCALABLE Infinite sharding
FAST Hypercube routing
INSTANT Off-chain transactions

Problems, which get out from 3 factors described above, were solved by next way:

  • Infinite sharding and outside-chained transactions. In order to increase the admitted network capacity and the speed of transactions respectively, in Telegram TON are applied several revolutionary methods at the same time. At the first place, it’s an illimitable sharding. Blockchains that already exist have a problem with the fact that the database of all transactions, which must keep in themselves miners, began to occupy hundreds of gigabytes, creating problems for blockchain’s further scale. TON solves this problem with the aid of sharding, it means that the blockchain’s separation into individual parts, which work autonomously, with rare exception of the transaction’s sending between different shards. This economizes disk space for miners considerably (in TON they are called validators) and it helps significantly to accelerate the work of Telegram blockchain.

    One more revolutionary innovation are transactions, which occur in blockchain, but they will not be brought in into the chain of transactions. They have weaker reliability, but they allow to make transactions instantly and free (validators don’t take commission for it because they must not execute the confirmation of similar transactions). If such terms, as sharding and outside-chain transactions, seem for you too difficult and incompressible, then we recommend to you signing to the Instagram account of our project, where we explain in an easy and visual way all technically hard moments of Telegram blockchain.
  • Correction of blocks in chain. For the criminals attack’s reflection, a number of methods was developed on TON. TON solves «the problem of Byzantine Generals» as required for any blockchain. Furthermore, blockchain of Durov brothers allows to correct past blocks in chain of transactions in case if they were defined as fraudsters. This is the method of called vertical blockchain, which allows to create two-dimensional blockchain, where is «assigned» one additional block on top to the compromised block, in which is kept the instruction of its correction. You can find out the main news about block correction in TON in our Telegram channel TON News. And you will find more details on this topic in the channel Give me Gram!: analytics, forecasts, recommendations.
  • Telegram Passport. For sure, this scale crypto project, as Telegram Open Network, will face financial regulation in the majority of countries in the world. Since cryptocurrency market is not that young, then in many countries are introduced laws, in any way for regulating it. The basic size of laws, which are accepted in an increasing quantity of countries is KYC (Know Your Client). It requires that each purse with cryptocurrency is attached for the specific physical or juridical person, connecting to it his or her real documents. This is necessary for dealing with the tax evasion, financing of terrorism and trade in the forbidden goods (weapons, drugs, slave trade).

    Telegram Passport is used for solving this problem on TON. It allows to load your documents (passport or driver license) and to keep them in Telegram with encoded form, granting them to the pay services by one click, which according to the laws of one or another country must have information about your data.

    The raisin of this method is the mechanism of Telegram Passport, which doesn’t keep scans of your documents in opened form on Messenger base, it means, TON does not submit to the legislation about the protection of users personal data and respectively they cannot be inquired by the governments of different countries for establishing the personality of the users on Messenger if the user does not desire this by himself. Furthermore, the KYC procedure is achieved not by Telegram, but by the partners (pay systems), which are already working with real (fiat) money.

    It means, in order to buy or to sell Grams (TON’s cryptocurrency), you should use one of the TON’s pay system partners. For making exchange, you have to pass the procedure of your personality’s identification. It is possible to read more details about Telegram Passport and how to work with it on our special page. If you want to make us more questions about the issues about Telegram Open Network that interest you, then we invite you into our Quora account. Subscribe to it and make the question for us to see it and try to give an answer. Furthermore, in our account, you can find many ready answers to the most popular questions.

TON P2P Network

Telegram TON platform works according to the principle of P2P network (the same principle is used for the torrent network), where all Telegram Messenger clients are connected into a united network of one rank. It allows not to have centralized servers and, thanks to it, to avoid censure in different states with undemocratic regimes.

Furthermore, inside TON platform, strange developers can create their own public proxy, which helps users to obtain access to the platform in the case of active attempts of the state to block entrance points on TON (IP addresses) in one or another country. If you need fresh proxies, then simply add special bot in the Telegram for this.

TON Storage

TON Storage is decentralized file depository, which keeps data of client device’s part with established Telegram Messenger on them. With storage and distribution of files are occupied exceptionally those devices that gave clear agreement for it. The work principle of TON file’s storage can be compared with Torrent network. But in difference of torrent’s network, users, who gave their disk space for using the storage, can obtain material reward in form of Gram (Telegram coin) cryptocurrency for this. Exactly like this, users, who will want to obtain more cloud disk space, they can pay for it with help of the same built-in cryptocurrency.

The users can find needed files with TON DNS technology’s help. In case of limitation’s attempts, censoring from the state side or of attempts of tracking of storage of information places, storage TON channels are protected with help of the cryptographic coding. The anonymity of files keeping on TON Storage is ensured also due to the use of IP addresses scan with help of TON Proxy. TON, as torrents, does not have controlling centralized servers, turning off or blocking that can log TON out from the system.

Furthermore, TON Storage has above its infrastructure TON Services, that is a platform of distributed applications, which allows strange developers to improve their analogue of YouTube basing on TON storage, it means, it gives to users the opportunity of video strimming, searching video files, their catalogues and recommending system. The same principle can be applied to any kind of content: music, books, games, etc.

TON Telegram Open Network подробный обзор блокчейн-платформы

TON Proxy

To avoid different limitation’s types of censure of undemocratic state’s organs, Telegram Open Network contains proxy mechanism , which can be improved by strange developers. TON Proxy allows to give to users the real functions of anonymizer, hiding their real IP addresses when they contact with one or another platform TON resources, which also makes it possible to fight effectively with the censure organs, that pursue political activists, who attempt to calculate them including with help of IP addresses. TON Proxy allows network TON to work according to method P2P, being in fact the analogue of Tor architecture.

In case of TON Proxy working, server (centralized) IP addresses, which can be calculated and blocked, are not used. TON clients interact with each other without the central server, something that allows to avoid attempts of blocking the platform in ones or other regions. Also the mechanism of blocking TON is inaccessible to regulatory organs through the audition of packs of traffic in the network. Since TON clients mix in packets of their traffic random values, which do not allow to identify accurately what service exactly this packet sends at the moment. As result, Proxy TON deprives regulatory organs of any well known at the moment mechanisms of the blocking of the platform work.

One more TON’s important innovation is the use of «garlic routing» instead of «onion routing» which is used in Tor. Since garlic routing allows besides the information exchange in the network along the system «one to one», it also allows to add the version «one to many» for the improvement of valuable Darknet sites in the network. That are required conditions for TON Services working.

By analogy with TON Storage, strange developers can obtain payment in form of Gram for their proxy being used by other users of network. If you need fresh proxies, then simply add special bot in the Telegram for this.


DHT is distributed hash-table for storing free values. It is used on TON for the search of «distributed» knots, in case of searching of files through TON Storage and also for TON Proxy, helping to find intermediate knots. Hash-table by itself is not a protected (coded) storage, that’s why it is used only for keeping not critical information to privacy.

telegram open network TON

TON Services

TON is a platform for creating distributed applications. The development of similar applications is dealt by strange developers, who can accept payment through Gram cryptocurrency for the use of their applications or purchase of goods inside them.

TON services contain two types of applications that can be accessible in the TON network:

  • TON Sites are application-analogues of classical Web sites, that contain pages with content, have forms of data entry and also support hyperlinks inside their ecosystem. Main particularity of TON site is the public organs cannot block it in domain name because TON is an application that is distributed along the client devices.
  • Fog Services means «applications in mist». This is the analogue of the mobile application-services, which cannot be blocked by different kind of regulators, beginning from the applications stores, such as Google Play and AppStore, concluding by state regulators because the renovations are extended inside the network. Telegram Messenger is the first example of similar application.

TON, in fact, becomes browser for its own Internet. And TON Storage is analogue of classic hosting. As result, bond of TON-browser, TON Storage and TON DNS creates the complete copy of modern Internet infrastructure. If you want to obtain links for appearing sites in TON network or applications, then subscribe to our Twitter or follow our announcements in Telegram channel TON News. And you will find more details about TON Services in the channel Give me Gram!: recommendations for creating your own sites and applications, detailed analysis of the principle of operation.


TON DNS service is destined for supporting read names of accounts, smart-contracts, decentralized applications and network knots exactly as in classical Internet. DNS allows easily write address of TON service that interests you and also share this link with friends. Subscribe to our Telegram channel TON News to receive links of fresh TON sites. And you will find more details about TON DNS in the channel Give me Gram!.

TON Payments

This is internal pay system based on Gram cryptocurrency, that is currency by default, but not the possible one in this system. Telegram TON allows to make tokens transfers between different cryptocurrencies inside its system. TON Payments is used for the realization of payments not only between the user’s Ton Gram Wallets, but also for accepting micro-payments in decentralized applications, Proxy TON payment, DNS and files storage. You can find out the main news about the payment system in our Telegram channel TON News. And you will find more details on this topic in the channel Give me Gram!: how to deposit funds, how to convert currencies.

TON External Secure ID (Telegram Passport)

TON cannot support financial operations in the completely anonymous format, otherwise this will drive for blocking the platform practically in any country of the world. Furthermore, purchase and sale of cryptocurrency with help of the bank cards is difficult for users of operations because of the commonplace deny of many banks to make such operations. For this reason on TON is provided an optional identification of the users through TON External Secure ID (the same Telegram Passport).

Telegram Open Network gives to users the opportunity to open their personality, by own wish or requirement of any holders of TON Service for the rendering of the financial services: for example, the conversion of Gram to dollar and its transfer into the user bank card.

Telegram Passport is the identifier attached to the storage of data, which allows to identify a user through his scanned copies of documents. User loads independently his personal data into the service, they are cyphered by his personal key and are inaccessible to anyone (including to the TON command) until user decides to open himself to someone.

Personal data of TON include documents, similar to the procedure of the PayPal verification and other popular pay systems:

  • photo;
  • scanned copies of identity cards, such as passport or driver’s license;
  • confirmation of address through the scanned copies of invoices of municipal services;
  • data of bank cards.

User can also reject the assignment of his personal data and use the alternative TON service, which does not require it. In cases of services connected with bank cards, similar requirement will always be included in the conditions.

Without the user’s permission, no one can obtain the access to his documents purely technically, because only the user knows the password for decoding his documents, which are stored in the encoded view of TON servers and are inaccessible, including to the TON command.

The verification of the user document’s authenticity is produced not by Telegram, but by personal of strange service, which requires these documents on the conditions of its agreement. To open user’s personal data technically there will be only validator of his documents, which has a key for this interpretation. It is important to note that, in this case, validator will not be able to decode operation or files of user, because does not have keys of access to them.

TON uses an storage approach of personal data by user and without access to Telegram to them. It allows to Telegram avoiding laws about users of many countries’ personal data, which frequently forbid data storage abroad. Since Telegram does not store encoding keys for personal data, this allows to company deviating from the claims of law-enforcement agencies and redirecting them with the requests for validators of the user’s documents, who are strange companies.

If you want to learn more information about how to use Telegram Passport and how to fill it, then you should pass to the correspondent site’s page.